How to ace a typical UK application essay prompt?

UK application essay marks off a pivotal step a student makes transitioning from school to college, being the very key trial on the road to earning a higher education degree. One of the documents an applicant turns in to a college is an admission essay. What’s it about? As a rule, you’re given a prompt with a topic you’ll have to dwell upon. Here’re 3 prompts most common in 2017-2018.

“There’re students with a personality, identity, hobby, talent or skill so vivid, that an application won’t be complete without mentioning it. If this rings a bell for you, please elaborate on your case.”

“Was there time in your life when you questioned or challenged some popular idea or belief? What were the reasons? How did it result?”

“Describe a moment of personal realization or accomplishment, which was a time of personal growth and self-belief?”

UK application essays don’t usually have too challenging topics, but it’s quality of content and consistency of writing which is evaluated highest. That’s why we’ve prepared these writing hints which will help you ace the assignment and apply for the college with flying colors.

5 tips to write a successful college essay for application

Admissions officers normally give 3 basic pieces of advice:

  • Begin writing in advance
  • Use your own voice
  • Be honest

Will I write my application essay well now? Not yet, these here are just general tips. However, they help tune your mindset in the right direction. As for more practical guidelines, take a look at the following recommendations to draw up solid admissions.

Focus on a topic

Narrow down the focus to the framework of an assigned topic. Going off the trail with your narration is a foul choice, better concentrate on a given topic and develop it A to Z. Topics for admissions essays aren’t difficult at all, letting you dedicated time and effort to a more crucial aspect – quality of writing.

Have a plan

Words and phrases have to be well-thought and used on point. Before you commence writing an essay, draw up an outline, think through every paragraph well ahead, as well as make a list of topic words and phrases, which will help develop a prompt question up to par. Care to dedicate some good time to proofreading the manuscript prior to a submission.

Be diligent and committed

UK colleges won’t rate an application essay done half-heartedly. Every year, educational establishments in the UK (especially prestigious ones) receive thousands of applications from students from all over the country, all seeking to apply. Rest assured, their applications are up to the mark, that’s why your own text has to beat every other manuscript like one, two, and three.

Don’t lie, avoid flattery and too explicit humour

There’re two things the admission committee don’t like most – lie and flattery. Be honest and avoid sweet-talk, these are the two cornerstones of getting your essay accepted. Speaking about humour, it’s better to skip the joking part and set the serious tone for your admission document.

Pay for UK application essay

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