Why Would You Need A Good Research Paper Outline Template?

Writing a research paper is a long and complicated process that consists of many steps. The first thing you should do after you have chosen the topic and made extensive reading and taking notes about important ideas is to write an outline of research paper which can help you predict the overall structure and content of the paper and show how the ideas should be developed and supported by evidence. Research paper outline provides a plan for writing. A good outline for research paper is very important because it will help you stay motivated, organized and focused throughout the entire writing process and organize multiple ideas about your topic.

How to write a research paper outline?

There are two approaches to writing formal outlines: the topic outline that consists of short phrases and the sentence outline that is done in full sentences.

  • Topic outlines divide a paper into sections, sub-sections, and topics. They don’t present a summary of each argument but include a list of things that are mentioned in every argument.
  • When outlining with sentences, you should present every argument that you give in the final copy in a short form. If you read a sentence outline, you actually see a shorthand version of the final research paper. Each sentence should correspond to a paragraph in your research paper.

There are alphanumeric outlines which use Roman numerals for main topics and capital letters for sub-topics and decimal outlines that use only numerals.

You can find various templates and outlines for research paper on the web but in many cases, your instructor may give preferred research paper outline format.

How to Write College Research Paper Outline

Students are assigned to write multiple research papers throughout their college career and many instructors require students to outline research paper before they start writing it. There are different style guides for writing academic papers and they require different outlines. If your instructor wants to check a completed copy of your outline for a research paper, you should write in the style that your instructor prefers. For example, if your professor wants you to outline your research paper in MLA, you should make an alphanumeric outline for a research paper which consists of full sentences and the thesis at the top of the page. And if your instructor prefers APA outline format for a research paper, you should also create an alphanumeric outline which has the thesis at the top of a page but you are free to choose sentences or topics for the content.

If you are only learning to make outlines, you should start with a simple one-level outline and then increase the levels by adding details. A basic one-level outline includes the following parts: title page, abstract, literature review, methods, introduction, content, conclusion, reference page.

Very often, students are required to create a research proposal to explain what research they are going to conduct. In such cases, they might need to make a research paper proposal outline.

How to Get Help with Writing Outline for a Research Paper

Writing a research paper and making an outline for it is a challenging and time-consuming task so many students might feel they cannot do it without professional help. If you struggle with completing your research paper and don’t know how to write an outline, the best way to learn these skills is to hire an expert from our custom research paper writing service who will create a good research paper and an outline for research paper as well. You can use your custom research paper outline template as a model for creating your own outlines and improve your writing and analytical skills. Our experienced writers are able to create strong college-level research papers on the most complicated topics and provide you with flawless templates that you can use as practical style guides to learn research paper structure and formatting.