Reaction Paper Format: How to Write a Reaction Paper

Reaction paper writing is a popular academic assignment where you have to analyze what you have read or seen, comment on it expressing your point of view, and back your opinion with evidence. This task can be a bit challenging, especially if you are going to do it for the first time.

So what is reaction paper? A reaction paper is your response or a reaction to some kind of prompt which can be a current event, an article, a question, a movie or a video clip, etc.. When you instructor gives you a task to write a reaction paper, he wants to know what is your opinion on the topic but, as it is a college-level paper, this opinion should be based on what you have learned so it would be a good idea to include references. Besides, you should back your opinion with facts, statistics, examples or logical reasoning. That means you have to make a good reaction paper outline before you start writing, just as you should do when writing any other academic paper.

A reaction paper should

  • be a reaction to what you have seen or read
  • be organized and perfectly structured
  • include citations and references
  • express your opinion supported with evidence
  • give a summary of the content what you are reacting to
  • explain your reactions to the given topic
  • provide judgment, analysis or evaluation of the issues
  • discuss the controversial issues of the topic

Points You Should Consider When Writing a Reaction Paper

If you feel you are a confident writer, you may create reaction paper on your own. Here are some useful tips for you.

  1. When you are given a task to write a reaction paper, your instructor most likely expects that you will do two things: summarize the material you have read and explain your reaction to the work in detail. So your reaction report should actually consist of two parts:
    • a summary of the content you have read
    • your reaction to the work
  2. Be objective and factual and remember about the standards of effective writing such as clarity, unity, coherence, support.
  3. Each paragraph should present and develop a single main point.
  4. Support all general points with specific reasons and details.
  5. Organize your ideas according to a plan and use transitions between the paragraphs to connect the ideas.
  6. Edit your reaction paper to improve style and fix mistakes in grammar, punctuations, spelling, and word use.

As you can see, writing a reaction paper is not as easy as you might have thought. It requires strong analytical, research, and critical thinking skills. Besides, you should be a strong writer who can convey ideas effectively.

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