Need Help with MLA Formatting for an Essay? Leave This Task to Our Experts

When your college essay is ready and you want to submit it to your instructor for marking, there is a set format you should follow. College essay format has nothing to do with the quality of content, it is just how you organize the text and present it to your reader. It is about your essay’s appearance, layout, and sometimes, structure. Each formatting style has its own requirements about number of things such as

  • font sizes
  • margin width
  • spacing between lines
  • paragraph indentation
  • page numbering
  • text justification
  • title page
  • references, etc.

A good formatting helps to convey your message to your audience and shows that you are competent and take your work seriously.

Why is Formatting an Essay So Important?

Proper essay formatting is very important as it accounts for at least 10% of your grade, making difference, for example, between A and B. So taking care of formatting college essay properly is an easy way to improve your grade. You may have great ideas in your essay, but it will be marked lower or even rejected when it has inadequate formatting.

Most commonly, essay formatting is done at the end of the writing process when the content has been written, and many students may feel too tired to take care of every single detail of formatting, which might be a rather arduous process, especially if your essay is long and has a complicated structure and many references. In this case, the best way out is to hire editors from professional services like ours who can help you format your essay according to the formatting standards and perhaps edit your essay or proofread your final draft too.

We provide all types of writing services and do everything from background research and writing an outline to polishing the final draft and formatting your paper. If you order your essay at our service, we will do all the formatting for free. Besides, you will get a free references page.

Make Your Essay Appealing with Our College Essay Formatting Service

Your paper should be formatted using the specific style that your teacher requires and look professional and neat. There are several formatting standards for academic essays, and the most common are APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard.

Formatting an essay in MLA is the most typical, it is usually required when you write essays in humanities courses, such as English, arts, etc.. If you do not know your instructor’s specific requirements, MLA format essay should be used as the default formatting style.

If you are writing a paper in psychology or social sciences, you’ll be required to do essay formatting APA. APA essay format is also widely used in writing academic papers in the field of science.

Harvard formatting essay is one of the oldest and well-known and is used around the world. It is based on the generic Harvard style of writing.

A good formatting is not easy as it requires a lot of patience, attention, and comes with experience. If you feel that you can’t do it on your own, leave this task to the professionals. We have many experienced editors and proofreaders who have a good knowledge of all common formatting styles and will gladly help impress your audience by adding final touches to your essay.

When you choose our formatting service, our experts will:

  • Create a title page
  • Number your pages correctly
  • Create a contents page
  • Format the text, titles, and subtitles
  • Format the headers and the footers
  • Make references page

We will present your ideas effectively and help you get the grade you deserve.