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Theoretical dissertation methodology chapter that discusses your plans for conducting a research can be considered as one of the most challenging chapters to complete but it is crucial for getting a high grade for your dissertation.

A dissertation methodology is an important section in a dissertation that explains and justifies your choice of methods and approaches employed in your research. The main purpose of this chapter is to determine what you want to find out when conducting your research and how you are going to do it – which types of research and types of research analysis you are going to use to obtain and interpret your data.

In this chapter you make the most important decision in the writing process – choose either primary or secondary research, and from there, you can make a decision what type of research you are going to carry out. Writing dissertation methodology requires profound background knowledge of various research procedures and techniques and might be rather tricky.

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How to Write Research Methodology in Dissertation

There are two main research types: primary and secondary research and three main types of research analysis methods: quantitative, qualitative, and mixed. In your dissertation methodology chapter, you have to explain what types you have used to gather and analyze your data and why you have chosen them.

You should link your methodology back to the literature to explain why you have chosen specific methods for your research and provide the academic basis of your choice. The methodology should be also linked back to the research questions of your dissertation and the previous research.

Your methodology section should be based on the existing academic opinion so you should include references to the existing academic works. Use references to the books that provide an overview of methodological approaches and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each of them. When writing dissertation methodology, you should show that you know the arguments presented in these books. What books should be referenced in your methodology chapter? You can use the standard textbooks on research methods which you can easily find in your college or university library. Use these books to identify your certain broad research philosophy and methods that are related to it.

This section of your dissertation should provide theoretical underpinnings for your research and explain the weaknesses of the approach that you have chosen and how you are going to avoid these weaknesses or why they don’t matter here. You should also identify what challenges you will face while doing research.

As you see, writing this chapter is an arduous and time-consuming task that requires strong analytical and critical thinking skills. No wonder that many students find this task too challenging and start looking for professional help as they are afraid to fail.

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