Capstone Project Outline: Beginner’s Guide to Capstone Writing

“Capstone” is a term used in architecture, it’s figuratively the last stone, usually flat that is put atop of a building that marks off the main construction final. Symbolically, in education the term “capstone project” marks off the final of your degree program. Completion of the project implies you’re officially entitled to earn the diploma. All in all, in colleges and universities writing capstone project paper stands the culmination of your academic progress prior to receiving a sought degree.

Wait a second, final capstone project sounds a lot like writing a thesis or dissertation, am I right? Basically, you’re not wrong, a capstone is what you call a thesis done in the framework of Humanities, Liberal Arts and, in most recent time, Business related courses. Solving a real-life problem or case based on knowledge and experiences gained during the taken program in a written form is what a capstone is all about. Identify a problem, generate capstone project ideas to pick the best one for a topic, draw up a proposal, present the first draft, get it verified by a supervisor or a responsible committee, then move on to carry the work on right till the oral presentation and overall manuscript defense is scheduled.

Unified capstone paper structure

Title Page – Contains paper title, author’s name and the institutional affiliation;

Abstract – Short summary of the entire paper 150-200 words long, is usually done last;

Table of Contents – Page including main headings and subheadings of a paper;

Introduction – Provides a brief overview of a problem under discussion, elaborates on a topic, rationale, and presents a thesis statement;

Description of the Problem – Gives a broader detail on a problem of a capstone paper, thoroughly describes the nature of a problem, it’s relevance and impact, as well as sets goals for the paper to achieve;

Literature Review – Synthesizes all (minimum 15) literary sources used to conduct a research;

Description of the Project – Clearly shows what you did to solve the topic conundrum while conducting a research;

Conclusions – Briefly recaps the purpose of a project, as well as summarizes and actualizes all the findings and outcomes of the work done;

References – Page lists reference sources used for in-text citations besides those 15 needed in the Literature Review section;

Appendices – It’s here where all supplementary materials such as figures, charts and graphs are placed.

NOTE: You might notice that an outline to a capstone paper is quite similar to the one of a thesis with only few exceptions, mainly how you present the findings.

How to do a capstone project – 15 essential tips

These are the things any acceptance committee will want you to do:

  1. Start working on a project in advance;
  2. Think of a topic which is both relevant and which you personally find captivating;
  3. Use active voice;
  4. Use Past and Present tenses, Future tenses aren’t allowed;
  5. Write in a clear and consistent fashion, gradually flowing from one point to another;
  6. Follow grammar and punctuation rules of the English language;
  7. Mind your spelling;
  8. Make sure each paragraph has a topic sentence, main body and a concluding phrase;
  9. Introduce fluid transition between passages using transitional words and phrases;
  10. Double check any statistical data;
  11. Reference in-text citations carefully according to the APA format;
  12. Don’t plagiarize, provide original content only;
  13. Attend scheduled supervisor meetings;
  14. Use a capstone project writing service if facing any difficulties;
  15. Seek critical feedback from a friend or a professor.

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