What Is a Synthesis Essay

What Is a Synthesis Essay Example

Disclaimer: Students receive their knowledge, experience, and skills thanks to learning all kinds of things associated with their major course. Of course, they are to fulfill different assignments. The most typical ones are completed in a written form. They are known as essays. Their types are different and each has its unique peculiarities. Thus, a synthesis essay may become a serious challenge for some people.

To write it properly, it’s necessary to know the synthesis essay definition. It’s a discussion. You’re to uncover a certain issue using several sources. It’s likewise possible to use certain criteria. The success of this piece of writing is dependent on your ability to bind together relationships of the sources you use. These may be other essays, books, fiction, lectures, articles as well as non-written sources. You are to draw a logical connection amongst separate sources that support a definite statement. This paper is written on the basis of some sources or criteria.


Synthesis Essay Outline

r to writing a synthesis essay, you ought to know other details. First of all, there are two types of this assignment – explanatory and argument. The explanatory type helps readers to reach a great level of comprehension of the discussed topic. It divides the main purpose into certain components. The fashion is orderly and clear. For example, an author provides details on objects, places, events, state of affairs and something of the kind. There should be no argument concerning the subject. It’s a simple representation of facts. The manner is objective.

The argument type represents your own suggestions. The manner is subjective. You’re to provide feedback on your arguments with reliable evidence. This type makes a certain proportion. The major argument is approved or disapproved by at least two writers. Their ideas and concepts are opposite or supportive.

Before you even start to write any assignment, it’s important to know what to do. You need a plan. Any outline is similar to other essays types. If you find a sample synthesis essay, this statement will be confirmed. The structure is always the same:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis
  • Main plot
  • Conclusion

You ought to know that there are some other things to consider before you start to complete this outline. Firstly, you are to select your topic. It’s either assigned or given as a free choice. It should be relevant and captivating. Concentrate on an important problem and try to resolve it. For instance, you may use such synthesis essay topics:

  • Video games and their relation to violence promotion?
  • Can a death penalty deter crime cases?
  • Are cell phones good for children?
  • Is it good to study at home?

Find the evidence that can be trusted. Select it carefully and make sure it truly supports your purpose. Summarize all you’ve found and choose only the most suitable and effective informative sources.

The Format Matte

The Format Matters

nfident that you’ve picked up the correct synthesis essay format. Your academic supervisor will assign one of the common styles – APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. Learn all the details and stick to them.

The introductory section should be catchy. Turn your beginning into something intriguing and important. It should contain the thesis statement. Introduce the main argument and two main claims on your major purpose.

The main plot contains the evidence for the argument and claims. Fulfill a decent analysis and offer convincing examples of your concepts. Use a unique style and appropriate vocabulary.

Your conclusion should restate the main idea of your research. Make it short and logical. Retell the entire story once again using other words. Draw the final line and mention your achievements.

Tips to Write a Synt

Tips to Write a Synthesis Essay

s on how to write a synthesis essay. They are vital as well and make the process of writing much easier. Consider the following points:

  • Learn the AP synthesis essay
  • Organize your work
  • Begin with drafting
  • Prepare sources correctly
  • Revise your paper

One of the reliable things to do is to learn how to write a synthesis essay AP lang. This is an academic language, which is used by experienced and smart students. Select the correct vocabulary, words that fit the content and use an original style. Never go astray the purpose and the discipline you write about.

After you determine the right AP language and composition synthesis essay, organize your writing. As it has been already mentioned, you are to refine your information sources. Take the notes and leave only the most suitable facts.

Time Saving HacksTime Saving Hacks

oment is of great importance. You ought to know which step to undertake and how. Make sure you have taken into account all elements of the essay, found the needed material, completed each section appropriately, used the needed format, made the reference list correctly and other necessities. Everything counts. Make a thought-out plan. Thus, you won’t get confused and messed up.

Don’t try to write everything at once. You need some practice. Begin with a draft. Afterward, you’ll have an approximate way of how the things should appear on the paper. This is an excellent opportunity to spot some drawbacks and correct them.

Cite your sources correctly. It depends on the writing style you’re assigned. As soon as you learn the required format and decide on the final informative sources, cite them. Pay close attention to all details and avoid mistakes.

Don’t be lazy! You should obligatorily revise your synthesis. Use grammar and spellcheckers, re-read the assignment aloud and use other methods. Thus, you’ll escape unnecessary mistakes that cost essential grades.

Techniques to Develop a Synthesi

Techniques to Develop a Synthesis Essay

itten in a variety of ways. There’re effective writing techniques. They are universal and help to craft a strong paper. Use them for a synthesis essay too. These are:

  • Summary
  • Example or illustration
  • Multiple reasoning
  • Strawman
  • Concession
  • Comparison and contrast

A summary is a pretty simple and universal method to organize this essay type. It’s not overly sophisticated. You simply give an enumeration of the used sources and reveal their importance and contribution to your research. You’re free to summarize the most crucial sources, key points or paragraphs of the used data. This method is used for objective cases. Mind that it may be easily combined with other techniques.

At times, a research is associated with a certain example. Therefore, you’re free to use an example or illustration related to your topic. Get out of the used sample all that is associated with your topic.

Multiple reasoning means the use of not less than two sources. It’s allowed using more. It’s an utterly effective approach. After you state your thesis, you suggest reasons why your idea is correct. You use supporting materials which are trustworthy. Thus, you get a huge feedback.

The strawman technique is a unique approach. Initially, you introduce a counter-argument which contradicts your thesis. Nonetheless, you should immediately explain why this argument isn’t strong enough. You show how good your concept is and have the others miserably fall. Additionally, you tell the readers what points are the most important and they instantly concentrate their attention on them.

Concession likewise suggests an opposing concept. Nonetheless, it admits that the opposite thought is reasonable. In the meanwhile, you explain that even though the opposite idea is strong, your concept is even better.

The comparison and contrast method helps to examine two sources at once using the helpfulness of each other. The comparison shows us similarities. The contrast depicts differences. These qualities are dependent on one another and reveal all qualities of the discussed subjects from different angles. Thus, the picture is full.

Get Some Assistance

Sometimes, it’s ut

Get Some Assistance

synthesis essay. Even if you’re fully armed with all the knowledge and tips, there appear certain difficulties. However, you’re not alone. Use different kinds of support. These may be:

  • Your teachers/professors
  • Guides and tutorials
  • Grammar and spell checkers
  • Family support
  • The help of your peers
  • Online writing services.

Pay close attention to the last option. This is a popular and very dependable way to cope with merely all academic writings. Using our essay writing service, you’ll get all you need. Simply tell us what is required and our approved experts will complete it perfectly.