The Solitary Reaper Sample Essay

The Solitary Reaper Essay Example

Disclaimer: William Wordsworth is an English romantic poet who invented an absolutely new poetry style where nature and the way of thought expressing of a simple person are combined due to a stylized and at the same time formal language. The Solitary Reaper poem belongs to the Romantic collection in which poets are trying to unite the serenity of nature and a man’s emotional world.

William Wordsworth strived to write something that will unite readers with real bright emotions and inner feelings again and again. The same strategy he successfully implemented in his wonderful poem “The Solitary Reaper”. He decided to write it during his great traveling through the Scottish Highlands.

There is one more interesting fact connected with the beginning of this lovely poem writing and even more with the person who inspired William to create this romantic and captivating “story”. It comes to Thomas Wilkinson who was a landowner of the River District and also visited the beautiful land of Scotland. He described many amazing tours of the British Mountains.

Thomas could not feel indifferent when he enjoyed those views around there and decided to note one very colorful and pleasant moment for his soul, Wilkinson described in the most beautiful manner paying attention to a woman’s sweet voice (12). This note was the pushing point for the appearance of “The Solitary Reaper”.

The Romantic Symbolism in the Solitary Reaper Poem

William Wordsworth uses in his poem four stanzas with eight lines with a notable scheme of rhyme to discover the speaker’s affection. We can perceive the implementation of very sophisticated allusions which were utilized to make the lass of Highland more attractive and personalized and give pleasure to his solitary heart. What is more, the author applied various techniques to provide a great range of details for that moment and help his reminiscence to be alive and vivid for the reader.

To experience the situation deeper he found nature as one of the best variants for symbolizing the wider meaning of this poem. It is written in the first person narration, and when you start reading the poem, it may seem Wordsworth is talking to himself, but in reality, he is just telling an amazing story to the audience with a certain explanation to help the imagination and the whole reader’s picture to be rich and colorful.

The poet shares his experience of watching carefully a “solitary Highland Lass!” (Wordsworth 7), who was alone in the field singing some beautiful song.We start to see that Wordsworth is overwhelmed with wonder and admiration for the woman’s voice, it helps the reader to feel the tone through the lines, which is noticeably happy with even some flavor of praise.

The following essential elements such as imagery, rhyme, wonderful settings, and tone are remarkable here and used not only to represent his own story but also to share the core idea to the audience. The whole poem is penetrated with a special tone that can be considered as something full of entire fulfillment and absolute joy, and at the same time, it is filled with mystery.
He did it, as he painted an incredible picture of the event that touched his imagination and memory when he looked after the Lass working in the field.

As we discovered, the main purpose of the poem is to catch the moment in our personal lives as well and see something more than just a simple day or moment that we are used to taking for granted.


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