The Best Essay Topics for College for you to Consider!

Essay topics for college

Meaningful problem solution essay topics for college and other nice topics for different kinds of essays are substantial part of your paper success

The starting point of any essay writing is choosing a proper topic. Sometimes it is easier when the choice of topic is narrowed by the requirements for the assignment. Otherwise, the choice of nice topic is completely up to you. You will be assigned to write many essays during your years of study. So you will need to deal with plenty of possible topics. Don’t let yourself down if you get stuck on this step. In the present article you will find many creative and appealing essay topics for college that will surely save your time on this stage of writing process.



Good topics for problem solution essays

p>Let’s start from the topics for a problem and solution kind of essays. Look through the list below. The topics are sectioned for your convenience.

About relationships and everyday life:
– What is the nicest way to prevent depression?
– How can bullying at colleges be prevented?
– How to deal with manipulative persons?
– Is it right to insist on trying to change a person who is close to you?
– Is it right to finish the relationships if they are not developing in the way you want?

About social issues:
– Is it possible to resolve a problem of poverty in a modern society?
– How is it possible to bring homeless people back to the normal life?
– How to prevent teenagers from trying cigarettes and drugs?
– How to motivate the people for safer driving?
– Is it possible to prevent racism in the society?
– How the terrorism can be reduced in the world?

About college life:
– Are there the ways to increase the overall results of college students?
– How to make studying at the colleges more affordable?
– Are the college students able to find a balance between studies, work, family, and social life?
– Should administration of the colleges engage into resolving conflicts among the students?
– Are there the reasonable ways for asking the parents to invest more money in their children studying at the colleges?

There are lots of other spheres and topics to write about when you are assigned a problem solution essay. We can’t cover all the spheres in one article. Though, let us remind you that for this kind of essay after choosing a topic you will need to:
– state and describe a problem;
– propose a solution;
– prove that your solution is reasonable and effective;
– argue why it is better than the other possible solutions.


Some of the best narrative essay topics for college students

u can choose something appealing for you from the following list of topics:
– The most remarkable day of your life
– The most challenging period of your life
– The most valuable lesson that your parents taught you
– The person who had an influence on your life from a positive side
– The book character (the film hero) who is motivating you for self-development
– Why playing sports is meaningful for your life
– The time when you learnt from your mistake
– The most difficult decision that you had to take in your life
– A moment when you felt yourself independent
– A rare experience that only you had been facing

You can also take a look at more simple but interesting topics for a narrative essay. Though, the question is not only in simplicity of the topic, but how you manage to open it for the readers. Interesting topic is just the first step but its importance should not be underestimated.


Strong cause and effect essay topics for college students

logical essay takes a start in a good topic. We hope that the proposed topics will motivate you to create meaningful and well-structured essay. We will share with you the topics in three different spheres.

About political and cultural issues:
– How to prevent corruption among politicians?
– Shall the ways of political fundraising be opened for a general public?
– What influence on the decision of some people not to vote during the elections?
– Should the wealthy families be obliged to help the poor people?
– How can college attendance be increased?
– Are protests of employees really making effect on governmental decisions?
– What can influence on the child’s possibility to become a successful adult?

About values and ethical issues:
– What are the factors that the people in some countries are more peaceful than on the other territories?
– Which factors can lead to divorce?
– What can influence on the person who becomes addicted to something?
– Do the children from divorced families have fewer chances to be positive minded adults?
– How to ensure that all the people on the Earth have access to the medical help?
– Can the people become happier just by changing a place of living?

About people’s viewpoint:
– What influence the most on the people: family or friends/colleagues?
– What is more important for the people: health or financial situation?
– Can the nations unite for the Earth to become safer and healthier place?
– What influences on the decision of some people to change nationality and the country they live in?
– What can happen further in the field of technological progress?
– Shall the people believe everything what they see on TV?

Have you already found some topics that you can put in your personal short list? We still have some interesting topics for you to consider!


Really nice compare and contrast essay topics for college

intriguing topics can motivate you for writing in the best possible way. Would you rather:
– Spend the money for a dream vacation or a luxury car?
– Travel to cosmos or explore the depths of the ocean?
– Eat only sweets or vegetables till the rest of your life if you are obliged to make only one choice?
– Learn how to dance or how to sing?
– Have a lot of friends or a lot of money?
– Have a superpower and show your strength to the people or get invisibility?

You can also compare and contrast:
– US international relations and some other country’s approach to them;
– Feeling of being successful and feeling of being motivated;
– Life of the children with the life of the eldest generation;
– Experience of being homeless with experience of being a country president;
– Influence of the parents and Internet friends on the life of the teens;
– Natural beauty with strong personal traits;
– Social media interactions with face-to-face communication;
– The ability to speak well versus the ability to be a good listener.

Even mo

Even more creative college essay topics for you to consider

looking for a creative topic to distinguish your essay from the papers of your classmates that will be submitted? Than the following list should help you in that:
– Can an average artist build sustainable profits for living?
– Are football players being overpaid?
– Will the era of robots come as a result of technological advancements?
– Will communications in social network lead to the end of face-to-face communication one day?
– Has Internet brought generally better or worse experiences to the people?
– Advantages and disadvantages of a monarchy
– Can the couples with a big difference in age find common language?

One of

One of the best college essay samples to take an example from

to share with you a part of essay that speaks about college student and their attitude to smoking which was formed under the influence of close friends, classmates and family members. It can be a nice example of a persuasive essay:

“Smoking is currently one of the top public health problems in the United States, despite tough anti-smoking legislation and widespread public awareness of negative health consequences, including lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The researches show that 80% to 90% of adult smokers began smoking by 18 years old.
College students associate themselves the most with three groups of people in their lives: close friends, college classmates and family members. These groups can influence on their own attitudes towards smoking. Overestimation of unhealthy behavior, like smoking, within one’s social group will increase the likelihood of one’s engaging in the problem behavior, while underestimation of healthy behavior will discourage the individual from engaging in it.
More importantly, it was revealed that a peer influence is a leading probable cause of smoking.
The norms of a peer group can influence and encourage positive health habits, as well as less healthy behaviors, such as smoking. It was found that the popular students are more likely to have a strong influence on the others in setting the norms of behavior including the possibilities if smoking can be accepted in a group of friends or not.
An appearing of smoking habits among the college students can be prevented from the side of the parents by means of accurate information about peer attitudes and behavior. Changing of a group of friends can result in increased healthy life style of particular students. The behavior inside the peer group is dominant factor for many teenagers, though the family values and charisma of parents play their important role as well. Those factors have a great influence over students’ actual beliefs and actions.
As such, it is important for health campaigns targeted at teens should provide the right focus on the group norms and morals from a believable perspective. That will help to reduce perceived peer pressure and increase the likelihood of members’ engaging in the promoted healthy behavior.
The fact is that social norms are formed and maintained through human communication, and misperceptions about norms can often result in behavioral change. Thus, the special approach through social norms can be useful in changing the college students’ attitudes towards smoking”.

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