Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?

Essay sample on teacher's grades

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Teachers and students have to cooperate to gain success

As you probably understand, the United States of America is one of the richest countries in the world. Our companies earn billions of dollars every year, that’s why we have a powerful economic system and reliable banks. Moreover, we also managed to create an independent system of courts, that’s why investors are ready to invest money in our country. They are really glad that their property rights could be protected without any problems. However, we also should keep in mind one of the most important reasons for this situation. Our state is successful and rich because we have a good educational system. Of course, there are a lot of pitfalls but in general, we produce highly qualified specialists, who are ready to conquer their specific sphere. If you graduate from law school, you will be a very professional and qualified lawyer. If you graduate from medical school, you will get a possibility to save other people and earn a lot of money. It is really cool because there are a lot of countries, which cannot maintain the highest level of quality of their colleges or universities.

However, we should also remember that the competition is the main basis of the capitalist system. It is impossible to become better, harder, smarter and stronger if you are alone and you do not have competitors. As a result, children at schools, universities and other educational institutions get grades in order to be able to track their progress and understand their white spaces. But what about teachers? Is it a normal situation that students get grades, while teachers do not want to see their advantages and disadvantages? We decided to create this article and figure out whether it should be allowed to grade teachers. If you want to figure out more about this problem, continue reading without any hesitation. So, let’s start.

Should we allow students to grade their teacher?

Well, it sounds a little bit strange but we are sure that it is a very good idea! Of course, we have to allow it. It is impossible to create a successful educational system if teachers do not get any feedback. If they do not understand their disadvantages, they will never manage to increase their qualification or solve these problems.

On the other hand, students can be biased and it can reduce the final rating of a good teacher. But even this problem cannot be a real reason to avoid ratings of teachers. Moreover, we can find a lot of services on the Internet, which gathers info and reviews written by students about teachers and professors in the US. For example, you can visit this website – and get all info about advantages, disadvantages or preferences of professors in the US. You can figure out about his or her level of difficulty, the quality of lectures, demands, skills, and abilities. Moreover, there is also a level of hotness. It is hilarious and really comfortable because you can read reviews and understand what you should do to avoid problems in the future.

So, as we can see, this service is extremely popular in the US. Thousands of students use this website to know about their teachers and professors everything, that’s why we think that students have their right to grade teachers. We are also sure that it will help us to increase the quality of our educational system.


Therefore, even despite the fact that many teachers think that it is a very bad idea because students can be very rude and too much subjective, we still are sure that we have to implement this program in our educational system. Our teachers have to get feedback in order to increase their qualification. So, students should be allowed to grade their teachers!