Passive smokers suffer more than active: stop it now!

Active ans passive smokers

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Passive smokers suffer! Stop this problem now!

It is a well-known fact that smoking is very harmful. In fact, you just destroy your body and become weaker. And you pay for this. It is really strange that people in the 21st century continue smoking even despite the fact that cigarettes are expensive. Even despite the fact that our government promotes an idea that smoking is extremely dangerous, people are not going to stop. The shares of the most popular and influential companies in this market continue their growth and the income of these firms is really enormous too. Well, on the other hand, we cannot prohibit these people to smoke cigarettes. They can feel free to do whatever they want. However, there are some pitfalls which we should know because these people not only destroy their health, they also kill our future and our years of life. Do you want to figure out more about this problem? Read our article right now because it can change your point of view about this problem.

Active smokers kill other people. They should stop it now!

Well, of course, these people can smoke cigarettes when they want to do that. We cannot prohibit this process. However, we should also understand that they destroy not only their own body but also other people. It is really horrible because we can see smokers on the streets, in restaurants and so on. It is unacceptable. We should stop this problem because it is going to stop us. Millions of people from all over the world avoid cigarettes every day because they do not want to spoil their health, but all these efforts are useless. Active smokers produce so much dangerous smoke that it can spoil other people too.

So, what can we do to avoid this problem? Do we really have any possible ways to protect passive smokers? We should admit that it is really difficult to restrict this influence of active smokers but there are some methods which can help us with this issue. For example, we can adopt new rules of law, which will give us a possibility to punish people, who smoke on the streets or in public places. In addition, we should also forget about fines, which can stimulate active smokers to stick to the rules.


Therefore, we should admit that this problem is not a myth. If you are an ordinary person who doesn’t want to smoke because it kills, you should pay attention to the problem of passive smokers. We have to protect our rights and save us. Let’s be united. We will manage to solve this problem sooner or later!