Opinion Paper Topics, Writing Tips and Tricks

Opinion Paper Topics

Well, you got this assignment that makes you mad. Again writing, and again an essay. This time, it is writing an opinion paper. How to write an opinion paper? What should you include and what is better to avoid? And in general, what to write about and how to structure your essay properly? If these questions are bothering you, you had better check in detail all writing stages and the main writing principles.

First of all, what is an opinion paper? Have you got your topic from a teacher or are you still struggling to select one? These are the primary questions. After you respond to them, you will move forward easily. Then, let`s start: you are just some steps away from tips that will help you in making any of your essays perfect.

You can select any topic for your paper. The only thing that matters is your interest in the topic. An opinion essay is a paper where you express your opinions and attitudes, so, as you can imagine, you had better know the topic and the topic should be really important to you. Just remember which situations have caused the biggest interest from your side.

Have you encountered any people, have you been in circumstances recently that made you think about it? Have you listened to the news that has touched you so much that you cannot stop thinking about it and replaying it in your mind? Don’t you think that those situations are worth being described in your paper? Then, just move on, pick up any of them and start working.


How to Create a Perfect Opinion Paper Outline

p>After you finally picked up a topic that seems the most interesting to you, you must write an outline. Yes, many students just ignore this step, but it doesn’t mean that you should do the same. A good outline is a half of work done, so, go for it! And here are some tips on how to do it perfectly.

  • What is the main goal of your essay? Depending on it, you will select the structure of it and decide about the manner of writing
  • Collect materials. You cannot just use all that comes in a spontaneous way
  • Do you prefer a topic outline or a sentence outline?
  • Order topics and subtopics
  • Add details, if needed


Picking up the Essay Goal

ou want to write about some events that touched you to inform people and to express your opinion about the events, then, probably, a more formal writing manner will be a proper choice. If you want to describe some informal event, for example, a party with friends, then, a friendly and funny manner would be a perfect choice. The structure of the essay, even though the main parts shall be kept, will depend on the topic as well.


Collecting Materials Helps to Organize Your Paper

pinion writing paper: if you want to make it well, you should write about something that you understand. Otherwise, how can you express your opinion about it? It means, you have to select materials properly, moreover, you have to organize them in a way that you can use for writing. Many students sincerely believe that they can look through a text and write about it. But the fact is that a proper opinion essay requires not only writing about your ideas but basing your ideas and opinions on facts, confronting them, if needed. That all requires rather deep knowledge.

A To

A Topic Outline or a Sentence Outline?

first outline consists of short topics. It is good for cases when you know the material very well and don’t need to arrange ideas in a special manner. Can you operate with materials and ideas freely? Can you prove that your opinion is a correct one and base it? Then, don’t waste much time and write a topic outline

A sentence outline consists of complete sentences. This is helpful in cases when you need help in formulating your opinion. The sentence outline will, probably, require more time from you, but you will be able to use the entire sentences for your writing. Hence, you will facilitate it significantly.

Topics a

Topics and Subtopics – Have You Written Them Down?

’t leave them out. If you need, you had better check an opinion paper template to see how to arrange topics and subtopics. But once you do them properly, you have a big part of your work done. Just imagine that when you start writing, you have a well-arranged structure, a frame, so-to-say, and all you have to do is to fill it in.

Details in a

Details in an Outline – for and Against

w very well what you are going to write about, there is no need for details in your outline. Writing them down will eat up your time, that will definitely be an effort-consuming process and you will get simply bored. But if the topic is new, and your thoughts are jumping in your head so that you cannot catch any of them, write them down! As soon as a nice idea comes to your mind, just write it down on paper, and you will have it for your paper.

Start Actual W

Start Actual Writing

outline is ready and looks perfect, another question starts bothering you: how to start an opinion paper? The response is: just start it. Further, a typical plan follows, with all the typical essay parts. Just make sure that the introduction will be engaging. The more the reader likes it, the more the chances are that he will read your paper till the end and that you will get a high score.

How to make it engaging? Well, you can start with a question that is the most discussed these days. Or maybe you know something special about your reader, about his problems? Then, maybe it is a good option to offer a solution to his problem? Then, give your ideas, compare them with standard opinions, if possible, you can even give expert opinion and confront it. The more engaging you make it, the more chances you have for a good score.


er is a call from the depth of your heart, it is the expressing of your opinion about the topic that is relevant to you. Make sure you show its relevance and importance not only to you, but to your reader as well, and a high score is guaranteed. Yes, people are different, and writing is just not for everybody.

That is why professional writing services exist. If you feel that the essay topic “doesn’t talk to you”, or you don’t like writing, or simply don’t have time to write, just order it. Why torture yourself and your reader, if a professional writer can do it in the way you want?