How to Write a Short Essay about Music in the Best Way!

Music Essay

Will writing an essay about music be a challenging task or not? It depends fully on your approach to such an assignment. In the present article you will find a lot of useful tips and advices but the most valuable information is waiting for you at the end. It can help you a lot and make your student’s life easier. Though, let us first introduce you what you are expected to write if you were assigned a special kind of essay writing: music paper.

Essays about music are obligatory part of your learning process. They are assigned in order for you to feel how music can enrich your life. When you are listening to the music, you enjoy it. When you are studying music, you pay attention to what your professors say. When you analyze a piece of music yourself, you go deeply into your own impressi

ons, feelings, and attitudes towards music. That is important. Though, you can understand music without being a good writer, is it right?

In any case, essay about music is something you need to deal with currently otherwise you will not be reading this article. What does your professor expect you to do both before and during writing of your essay? Here is what:
– to observe a musical piece, recorded concert or the meaning of music for the people from different angles;
– to come out with your own arguments based on your observations;
– to explain your personal reactions to what you hear;
– to show your ability to choose the right words when discussing about music.

The latter is essential but at the same time contradictory as music expresses itself without words. Also, you need to understand the differences between two situations – what you hear and how your react – as different people have different attitudes to the same piece of music.

So, your music essay should include both statements:
– your understanding of significance, importance or peculiarity of a piece of music you discuss; as well as
– your personal attitudes to it (which can be quite different from the point of view of the others).

If you don’t have particular requirements for your assignment but you want to have a best music essay, look additionally on Harvard expectations for essays about music. Though, we know that probably you are simply looking for the ideas to cope with music assignment that you were given, so keep reading.

Music for creative writing: tips for your inspiration

Papers about music should possess the same elements that majority of other essays:
– interesting ideas;
– powerful arguments;
– strong evidence;
– clear representation of thoughts;
– properly developed structure.

Though, creative approach is essential as well. May be you got stuck at the very beginning of your writing, on choosing a topic that will be interesting? In this case, here are some ideas of nice music essay topics for you:
– “Music is a powerful art of beauty and inspiration”
– “The role of music in strengthening my resistance to stress in life”
– “Music gives me passion and desire to live”
– “How music can enrich the inner world of people and me personally”
– “Listening to favorite music really heals”
– “Beauty and power of music in our lives”

Can you develop those given topics to a strong and creative essay? Can you brainstorm your own distinguishing topic? Don’t worry if you can’t! Commonly, you will be given a simple task such as making an “essay about music in my life”. Read some other advices and later make a proper decision about your current assignment.

Breaking out stereotypes about writing music essays

There are three main stereotypes that you can face while thinking to write a good essay on music.

Being a musician yourself

You definitely don’t need to be a musician yourself in order to write a good essay about music. Of course, musicians can understand music deeper than you, but they can have the same problem to write something about it. On the contrary, if you are given music concert report essay to write, you can observe the musicians and suggest about:
– their understanding of music;
– the role of music in their lives;
– passion and devotion to music that they may possess;
– responsible attitude to their roles as musicians on public concerts, etc.

Being an expert of music

Neither you need to be a music expert. All you are required is to be able to:
– pay attention to certain details while listening to the piece of music for you to describe them in your paper later on;
– locate the most distinguishing moments of a musical piece;
– use the metaphors while describing the “language of music”.

Being able to read music

As it was already mentioned before, the essay about music resembles to any other kind of essay, so you don’t need to be able to read music, simply try to:
– listen attentively;
– analyze the musical piece from different angles;
– come out with your own arguments and ideas;
– interpret the meaning of the music;
– speak about your personal feelings.

Make your music college essay successful!

Even if you understood well all the tips and ideas mentioned above, you can still face the problem with writing of your essay. It can happen when English is your second language, for example. Speaking and writing about common things may seem ok for you, but what to do with those metaphors that we previously mentioned? In this case, writing music essay in English may seem quite problematic. Though, where there is a problem, there is always a solution as well!

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