How to Write a Powerful Descriptive Narrative Essay about a Person

descriptive essay about a person

Your written task is to describe a person and you do not know how to do it well and be original and need some inspiration to be creative?

A well-written descriptive essay creates a deeply involved and vivid experience for the reader and paints a fascinating picture, using detailed observations and descriptions. Writing descriptive essays is easy in the sense that they are almost always about personal experiences so no additional research is usually required. But, on the other hand, this type of writing is very challenging because you have to appeal to your readers’ five senses and evoke great emotions. Keep reading this article to understand better descriptive essay format and learn about different effective techniques and elements that can help you fill your great picture with lots of wonderful details and make writing a descriptive essay a rewarding experience.

What is a descriptive essay? Let’s start with a description essay definition.

A descriptive essay is a genre of essay that describes something to the reader in colorful, vivid detail, using illustrative language. You can describe an object, place, person, emotion, experience, situation, and a lot of other things. The purpose of any description which is an important element in many kinds of writing is to make sensory details vividly present to the audience and the best way to create a vivid experience for your audience is to focus on five senses: sight, smell, sound, taste, touch. If you manage to create a picture in your readers’ mind, then your descriptive essay is a success.

In general, any descriptive essay

  • Presents a clear picture in the audience’s mind
  • Can be subjective or objective
  • Has the purpose to help the reader visualize the things that the writer describes
  • Contains a number of descriptive words and phrases.

There is no exact format for this type of essay and you are allowed much more artistic freedom but there are more demands on the use of illustrative language. You should use more vivid language for a sensory-based description and show rather than tell. To set a mood for every description, you should use figurative language, for example, such techniques as similes and metaphors because they paint a more vivid picture for your audience.

There are several types of figurative language that are easy to use and that will help you be more descriptive and make your audience see, hear, and even feel what it is that you are writing about:

  • A simile compares two different unlike objects using ‘as’ or ‘like’.
  • A metaphor also compares two unlike things but without the use of like or as.
  • Alliteration creates rhythm and mood and calls attention to certain words by repetition of consonant sounds.
  • Personification gives human characteristics to inanimate objects.

Descriptive essay about a person, event, place, experience, memory or object is a very common task in elementary school. Besides, different descriptive essays are also common in creative writing classes because they help develop your descriptive skills.

Need advice on how to write a descriptive essay about a person? Here is a quick guide that will help you succeed in writing a brilliant descriptive paper.

  1. Choose a person you want to describe and aspects that you want to focus in your essay, for example, general appearance, non-physical features and why this person is special for you.
  2. Think about descriptive words you are going to use to describe the details and write them down. Remember that you have to appeal to your readers’ senses.
  3. Draft a mind map.
  4. Make an outline and draft the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.
  5. Write your essay. Provide details to make your description vivid and use different nouns, verbs, and adjective to evoke senses and help your audience see and feel. Describe different aspects of a person you are writing about and express your own feelings and reactions.
  6. Don’t just stuff descriptive words, senses, and emotion but keep your descriptive essay organized. Focus on the subject so that your readers can easily understand the main idea of your piece of writing and your feelings.
  7. Read your descriptive essay through and check the spelling, punctuation, tenses, sentence structure, and the logical order. Make necessary corrections.

Now you know what a writing process should look like but have no idea how to start a descriptive essay? Creating a strong opening for a descriptive essay is very important. You can start your essay with a hook to grab your readers’ attention and make them feel immersed and engaged. For example, you can describe the first time that you experienced a person. You can also provide context and background to make your reader understand why the person you are writing about is so important to you. And don’t forget that your opening paragraph should have a lot of sensory details.

Why Would You Need a Good Example of a Descriptive Essay about a Person?

There are so many ways to describe people but if you have little experience in writing essays and have never written a descriptive essay before, you may find it too challenging. What is the way out? A good idea is to use sample descriptive essay that can help you become aware how an essay should be written and better understand its structure and special techniques. You can read lots of writing guides many times but you will achieve more if you see with your own eyes a strong example of a descriptive essay. Then you can review it and analyze its structure, format, and the descriptive language that is used to paint a vivid picture.

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Example of a Descriptive Essay about a Person

My best friend Lucy is as beautiful as a movie star. Lucy is really charming, especially when she smiles, and all boys like her. She has thick wavy dark hair and deep blue eyes. She is rather tall and slim and very fit because she is fond of dancing and yoga and I think she would make a great model. She is always dressed to the latest fashion and I don’t remember seeing her without makeup.

Lucy is very confident and friendly. She is an outgoing person and most of all she like to be in the center of attention. She enjoys cool parties and never misses a chance to go out with her friends. What I like about her most of all is that she is always ready to help. Lucy has a strong sense of responsibility so I know that I can rely on her in any difficult situation. But she has some shortcomings, of course. For example, she is absent minded and sometimes people who do not know her well might have an impression that Lucy never takes things seriously. But it’s not true. She is the most responsible person I know.

Lucy is one year older than me so she is 18 and she is a college student. She is studying sociology. But her dream is to become a dancer. She has been dancing since she was five and her favorite dance is modern. She trains every day at her dance school and she even has taken part in a TV show. Who knows maybe one day she will become a star.

She has a great hobby – photography and she takes really amazing photos of nature. Some of her photos have won her prizes. She is also fond of animals and simply adores her pets – two cats and a dog.

I am happy that I have such good friend.