How to Write a College Admissions Essay

College Admissions Essay

In order to write a really good college admissions essay you need to take into consideration a lot of issues which will be mentioned below. Neglecting some of those issues can lead to unsuccessful application. While you read the following information, try to think if you are ready to deal with all what is needed for this kind of paper yourself. In any case, don’t worry, as after reading those tips you will understand that your paper can be really perfect.

So, the best written essay for college will contain the following:
– thoughtfully chosen college admissions essay format;
– information about your achievements and experience;
– the situations when you showed the strong features of your personality;
– some examples how you can cope with your weaknesses;
– your plans for the future;
– why you have chosen to apply to this or that particular college;
– why you think that the chosen specialty will suit you best;
– some additional information about you that can make a difference and distinguish your application among the other applicants.

The most valuable college admissions essay prompt!

There are a lot of prompts that we are going to tell you in the present article. Though, probably the most important one consists of the two following issues:
– don’t try to copy some essays for college that you find in Internet even if you know that they were successful;
– you can look for some useful words or phrases, general structure, etc., but never follow the same style as your essay should be distinguishing by your own experiences and never seem familiar for the admission officers.

How will you know that the other students haven’t taken the same copy of the essay as the basis of their own paper? The Google Search or similar searches can show the same results to everybody who are looking for the same prompts. That’s the truth to consider!

Let us tell you some other tips, for example, on how to start a college essay about yourself. You can start with:
– your motto: this is one of the most distinguishing issue that can tell a lot about you from the very first glance on your college essay;
– an expression of well-known person which corresponds to your goal in life, values, etc.;
– your college essay purpose: such straightforward approach will give your considerable advantage among the majority of applicants who start speaking about themselves first;
– an idea: it should be something eye and attention catching; you can think of something that no one else will think to start from – something very personal and particularly distinguishing; here you can also speak about your devotion to the subject, your dream from childhood that corresponds to the purpose, etc.

You can use one of the above mentioned ideas at beginning of your essay and consider the others as additional college essay topics you were looking for.

Let us give you more advices for writing of your college essay:
– don’t try to avoid speaking about your weaknesses; better tell that you do accept them and struggle for improvement; it will add to your essay truthfulness and sincerity;
– mention only your own experiences and situations as if you include some examples that you found and considered as nice (and they are not yours), you may later fail during interview or conversation with the admission officers – if they decide to ask you about that situation, your emotions can reveal the truth;
– don’t repeat the same words, expressions or the same information twice; it may seem obvious but it’s rather common mistake made by those who didn’t prepare for writing college application essays in a proper way; in order to avoid such a situation, you’d better brainstorm on what you are going to write beforehand.

Is there some college application essay format to follow?

The application essay is probably the most personal part of the application files you submit. Such essay can be written in different essay styles: five paragraph essay, narrative style, etc. Though, there are still some issues to consider in spite of the essay type you are planning to choose:
– try to submit your application online if it is possible, as in such a way you can be sure that it would be received in time;
– use special sites to check the grammar of your essay to avoid typos and mistakes (especially if English is your second language);
– watch your word count: don’t make too shot or too long essay; all you need to say – say it concisely and to the point;
– make your essay readable: don’t use small letter size (the best way is to use 12 size); use appropriate character font (better to choose one of the standard fonts: Time New Roman, Arial, etc); don’t include very long sentences and paragraphs (not more than 15 words and 5 lines relatively); make bigger line spacing if needed (it’s better to use 1.5 or double-space), etc.;
– you may use italics, bold or underlined characters to put a stress on some particular words but it is better to avoid the symbols that will look strange in the text, such as #, ~, emojis or all caps (it’s even better not to use any highlighting, let your text speak for itself).

You don’t need a title for your application essay if it is not specially required. As for the structure, it is a kind of essay which you can make in a way that you feel it is perfect or reasonable for your particular case. You can also consider additional college essay formatting advices.

It seems easy to write a college essay but only from the first glance. You may think “who can write such a personal essay better that me myself?” Though, the questions “how to start a college application essay?” and “how to write it properly?” appear rather often. The applicants get stuck and lose confidence due to that. In order to avoid such a situation, you need to know the following:
– There are the professionals who can write your admission essay for you in the best way;
– You should not risk with your application: an admission essay is a substantial part of the whole process that in many ways speaks on your behalf better than your grades.

College essay example: expert analysis

Look at the following example of a part of a college essay:
“My personal motto is “Always struggle for the best, with no excuses”. I try to follow this motto in my everyday life and it is what influenced on my decision to study economics as well. I believe that being a great economist is not so easy goal to achieve. Though, I am ready to put all my personal efforts towards achieving of this goal.

I had many challenging situations in my life which taught me to be calm in any situation, to orientate on the result at the same time feeling passion to what I am doing, to be a good listener, etc. For example, once I was preparing for an important speech. I had a knowledgeable person who helped me to write it perfectly. I was training for 2 weeks in order to practice and improve my presentation skills. My speech was a great success generally, but still some feedbacks were neutral and 1 feedback was negative. This experience taught me to be calm in any situation as I understood that in spite of what you do there can always be a people how are positive, neutral and even negative about that. This situation also taught me to believe in myself in spite of external opinions…

I am always thankful to my parents who devoted lots of time for my upbringing and helped me to become independent and caring person who is always trying to rely on own skills, to keep the promises, to be attentive to the needs of the others…

My wish to be a change agent and a leader brought me to the decision to become a member of a youth leadership organization. On the regular basis we are implementing important social projects that benefit for the society I live in. I also strengthen my leadership skills inside the community of the similar leaders willing to achieve more in their lives…”

It is just a fragment of the application essay which was successful due to the clear presence of the following issues:
– personal motto that speaks on the behalf of the author so that the readers can get an impression of an applicant from the first glance on the text;
– strong personal goal and motivation;
– situation(s) described that strengthen personal qualities and beliefs;
– family and social values of the person, etc.

You can devote time to read more expert analyses of the prominent essays. Though, it will give you just an idea of a good writing. How to be sure that your college admission essay will be perfect? Simply order it from our experienced writers! You will have no more headache but lots of free time and a perfectly made essay as a result! We are sure that the essay done by our professionals will exceed your expectations! Don’t hesitate and order right now! Your application will be successful with our help!