How to Start a Philosophy Paper

Philosophy paper

At some point in your academic life, you must have heard or read about of the names Aristotle, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Nietzsche. But what exactly do they share in common? They are world renowned philosophers. Not just that alone, they also know just how to write a philosophy paper that grabs the attention of their readers.

Sadly, philosophy is a lesser-known science these days. Even at that, philosophers are still a hot cake in the market. A big CONGRATULATION to those studying this subject but first you must learn how to write a philosophical essay. This kind of paper must be informative and captivating enough to grab the attention of readers, peers and more importantly your professors. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be one of the world’s best author. So grab it!


What Is This Type of Paper

p>What is a philosophy paper? This is a question every student should have an answer to. Basically, it can be described as a type of writing that includes the reasoned defense of an argument. It is not about your personal feelings. Prior to writing a philosophy paper, you must build an argument to defend. Without this, then your writing will be baseless. Also, it will end up being an uninteresting read.

First, you must do a thorough research to choosing the right topic to discuss. The essay should neither be based on your own personal opinion nor that of authors. You have to prove every claim you make. In other words, give your audience a reason to believe in your write-up. Try as much as possible to make everything you say reasonable.

Philosophy Paper Topicsp>There are many different types of philosophy research paper topics to choose from. Prior to selecting a topic, ask yourself these questions, how knowledgeable are you about the subject matter? Are there available resources online to help with the writing? if you answer yes to these questions, you are on your way to delivering high-quality essay paper.

Basic Tips on Writing p>The first step to writing an educational philosophy paper is crafting an eye-catching thesis statement. To this end, it is important that you learn how to write a thesis. Of course, the next sections of the paper are equally significant. And as such you must be readily available to defend your point of view assuming the reader may have an opposing viewpoint with regards to the topic being discussed.

This task may be complex. These tips will guide you on how to write a professional academic paper. And more importantly, help you get a good grade even with the most difficult writing assignment. Here are some great tips

  • The very first step is answering the questions, how to start a paper? You can choose to enter with a hook sentence or just go straight to the point. A great hook will keep the readers glued to your writing.
  • Keep it simple and real. Do not try to add up too much in just one write up. Staying focused is the key. Also, your write-up should not be too hard to read or understand.
  • The best thing is to add your own personal touch to the chosen topic. Make readers know that you have a perfect understanding of the subject.
  • More importantly, consult other materials to help with your writing. Ask people around who has a similar interest in the subject matter. Get more ideas from books, articles, and journals related to the subject matter. But remember to always turn to the original source.
The Best Format to Choosep>You have to take time to figure out the right philosophy paper format to use. Anyway, the right one depends on the professor or the college/university’s requirement. There are some schools that may require you to write using a specific writing style and format.

However, the most generally accepted style is the APA format. An example philosophy paper format in APA style would be: Jeremy, K. D., Montana, Q. C., & Woods, F. T. (2016). Economic Justice For Everyone. Journal of Economic Development, 17(5), 90-112.

Writing an Outline

A great philosophy paper outline plays a key role when it comes to writing. The clarity of an academic writing paper depends largely on the structure. However, many people don’t know just how to write an essay outline properly. Just so you know, it has similarity with a research project outlines.

However, the size of the outline depends on the writing assignment at hand. A project of no more than 5 pages will require a one-page outline. Here is an example

  • An introduction
  • Background information
  • The major reason why people should consider taking up psychology
  • Reason number 2 why people should study psychology
  • The last reason why people should study psychology
  • Conclusion


Writing Structure

good writing structure helps link your ideas and arguments in a progressive and logical way. An unstructured paper will most likely link irrelevant points. It will also lack a real focus. To make your philosophy essay writing easy to understand, you need to be more focused



w you know how to write a thesis statement. The next thing is to write a striking introduction for your philosophical essay. When writing, here are some things to include

  • The main question that drives the topic
  • The position the writer wants to take with regards to the problem cited
  • How the paper will argue the offered position
  • Make it simple, and concise



e body should contain the following

  • Make people see the reason for writing the essay
  • Provide evidence from other authors
  • Anticipated objections
  • Denial of objections
  • Transiting properly to the arguments



is is the concluding part of the essay. At this stage, the write up is coming to a close. But first, how do you write a catch conclusion for philosophy essay writing? Keep in mind that conclusion plays a key role in determining whether or not your work will get a great feedback from the reader. It should leave the reader captivated and impressed. And as such, it includes the following

  • Rephrase the thesis statement
  • Summarize the arguments from the body
  • Conclude the essay with a rhetoric question

Remember your first draft will definitely require significant improvement. The secret to a professional writing is editing. Make sure you proofread your work. The best thing to do is to call a friend to help proofread your essay. This way, you can guarantee that your philosophical paper is error free grammatically and clearly written.

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