How to Make Educational and Career Goals Essay that Works

Educational Goals Essay

Make your scholarship essay on educational and career goals perfect!

There is no point to give a definition of educational and career goals essay. Its name speaks on its own behalf. You need to write about your educational and career goals. That is quite clear. The question is how to write such an essay in the best way, isn’t it? Whether you need such an essay for college or for a scholarship application, it will be right to make in 5 following steps:

– brainstorming the ideas about you educational and career goals;
– coming out with the main point of your essay;
– constructing the whole story;
– making the strong end for a paper;
– checking and proofreading.

If you follow those steps carefully, you will have perfect “What are your educational goals?” essay as a result. Allow yourself to prepare your essay calmly and thoroughly. In order to do this, start your essay beforehand in order to have enough time for every step. Don’t you have enough time for preparing your essay? Don’t worry! You will still find solution at the end of the present article.

Five steps to create the best essay on educational goals

Sharing what your study goals are and how they will be helpful for you in future – that’s the essence of your paper. We will guide you through the process of writing the essay of this kind by presenting concrete examples. Following the below mentioned steps, you can build your essay easily and effectively.

Step 1: Ideas for your essay

There are various educational goals for students. Though, there can be the situation when you are just planning to apply for a college or you are not yet sure what your future profession will be. Still, you can write about the spheres that you are currently interested in. You need to write how your education will help you to realize your personal goals. If you are going to the college, try to think what you want to obtain through your studies and what you want to achieve further due to the knowledge received.

You can ask yourself the following questions as well as make them the plan for your educational goals paper:
– What is your major? Which sphere is of great interest to you so it can be your major?
– What do you expect to gain with the help of your studies?
– Are you looking forward to studying at a particular college? Why?
– What new and exciting things are you expecting to experience during your study years?
– What high school subjects were you perfect at? Why did you enjoy them?

As for the essay on career goals and aspirations, you may think about the following:
– How will your studies prepare you for the successful start of your career path?
– Good knowledge of which subjects will be critical for your future job?
– Are you planning to use theoretical knowledge in practice? How?
– Do you think that additional (optional / extracurricular) subjects will be helpful for you future profession?
– Are you ready for a self-learning in order to become professional in a chosen field?

If you are writing in order to obtain a scholarship, you need to make a perfect “How will this scholarship help you achieve your goals?” essay. That would be the question that you need to focus your whole essay on.
Use the ideas brainstormed during this step for the following steps of the writing process.

Step 2: Your main point

At the beginning of your essay it’s better to uncover your main point for your purpose to be clear for the readers. The college administrations or scholarship committees usually expect to see concise and to-the-point statement for you to begin with. In other words, with your first sentences you need to say “This is my purpose. This is my main point that I want to tell you about”.

Here are some smart goals for college students’ examples for a good start of your essay:

“My goal is to become a professional lawyer. I want to study criminal justice in order to benefit for the reducing of criminal situations in the city I live in.”
“I am really keen on languages. I also believe that China is a new superpower that is playing an important role on worldwide business arena nowadays. Therefore, I plan to study Chinese at college as I believe that later the knowledge of this language will help me to find my professional role in the international environment.”

It’s better to find and concentrate on 1 or 2 main points in your essay. You will need to develop them and relate to them all the additional information you are planning to put in your paper.

Step 3: The flow of your story

You need to plan your paper in order for it to be logical and well-structured. When you write your paper, keep it close to the order that you planned. You need to make your essay:
– clear: with the main arguments;
– memorable: with special details;
– unique and distinguishing: by including specific information that concern you personally.

It’s better to write you essay according to the following structure: “main point / focus -> supportive details”. For example:

Main point / focus: “I have chosen to study business at college”
Supportive details: “Lectures about business at college can help me to become knowledgeable entrepreneur in future. I plan to run my own business and I already have some ideas for my future start-up. I plan to put all my effort towards achieving of this goal. I am ready to invest my time for self-development and improvement in the sphere of business. I know that there is a business club for students at the college. I am willing to be its member.”

Step 4: Ending the essay

You can make a memorable end for your paper by:
– shining a new light on the main point that you have put at the beginning of your essay;
– leaving the readers to think more about something special that you have mentioned.
Look at this example:

“My desire to study physics is based on the extremely interesting principles that I will be able to learn. The physics explain lots of issues that are happening in the world. In such a way I also hope to satisfy my desire to explore the mysteries of the Universe.”

Step 5: Making sense

On the last step you need to be sure that your essay really makes sense. In order to know if it is really so, when you have finished your first draft, leave it aside for some time. After you can either:
– return to your paper in order to look on it with a fresh eye;
– give it for a feedback to some knowledgeable persons you trust.

In both cases try to judge or to receive judgment about the following points:
– if your essay grabs attention from the first glance; after reading of the first sentences, will the readers be motivated to read your paper further?
– if you keep focused on what you want to obtain throughout the paper;
– if there is an impression that the story goes logically;
– if there are some questions that stayed unanswered;
– if you feel that you come across the same facts again and again;
– if it is interesting / impressive / memorable;
– if it is not too short or too long;
– if you have finished with a strong final note.

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