Everyone has a right to get a high-quality free education

high-quality free education essay sample

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Is it really so important to get a high-quality education to become a successful person?

Of course, there are a lot of stories and videos on the Internet about very wealthy people who do not have a higher education. You can find dozens of these posts on different Facebook groups and pages, on YouTube and other services. Well, we really agree that you can gain success without any official education. But we do not think that unqualified people can do that. Let’s consider this topic more precisely.

We do not want to say that you are almost obliged to visit the university every day for five years to get access to a better life. In fact, you can start working right after studying at school and become a successful entrepreneur. However, you cannot gain success if you are a fool. You should know how to find an appropriate approach to people, how to communicate with them and how to convince them that you are right. All these aspects and skills are very important for people in the 21st century. If you know how to avoid problems and how to follow your dreams, we are sure that you will manage to turn your dreams into reality sooner or later.

However, we should also mention that there are some important aspects of studying in special institutions, which you can lose if you choose to study at home.

What are the benefits of universities and colleges?

Of course, there are so many online services and websites on the Internet, which can help you to increase your qualification, that some people decide that there is no need to spend their time on studying in universities. For example, you can use Coursera, TED, Quizlet, Tandem, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Kindle and other websites to figure out something new and useful. However, let’s consider the main benefits of offline studying:

  • Social platform
  • Even if you are an introvert, who doesn’t want to find new social relationships, you should understand that it is really significantly easier to live in this world if you have many friends. Millions of people from all over the world spend thousands of dollars to figure out something new about networking and to find interesting people. If you want to find reliable friends, who will be ready to help you in the future, you should look for them in the university. It is really difficult to find strange and inactive people in the university. In most cases, all of them are highly motivated and they are ready to do everything possible to gain success. If you live in the society of these people, you increase your motivation too. As a result, your productivity and your desire to gain success will be better. Therefore, you should not consider universities only as grey buildings, which you have to use from time to time in order to discover new info. In fact, it is something like an enormous community of people, who want to change this world. And you are one of these people and it is really cool.

  • Sources of info
  • If you decide that studying in the university doesn’t help you to become better in different spheres of your life and that you can study all this info at home, you should think twice. The university gives you a possibility to communicate with wise and professional teachers, look for interesting books in enormous libraries and so on. You can rely on teachers and your mentors at any time and they will be glad to help you at any time of a day.

  • Prestige
  • People who decide that there is no need to study in universities to gain success are right but there are some exceptions. Of course, if you want to become a specialist in marketing, you can practice a lot, read professional books and you will manage to gain success without any problems. However, if you want to become a lawyer or a doctor, you have to get a special license. Pay attention! It is impossible to get this license without any diploma. Therefore, you are almost obliged to study in the university to work in this sphere. Moreover, we think that it is really important to follow these requirements because there are too important and dangerous professions, that’s why our government has to regulate this “market”.


Therefore, this question is very controversial. Of course, education has to be free and you can find a lot of companies, which provide their educational services for free, but it doesn’t mean that we should forget about expensive universities forever. Universities provide a lot of benefits and we have to keep in mind all of them when we are going to make our final decision.