Autobiography Sample Essay #2

autobiography essay example

Broadly speaking, I find myself like everyone at my age, simply young of the period. School is very important for me, and I usually try doing everything timely and in the best possible way. I like to dream and have many goals, which I would like to realize in the future. Now I do not feel myself an adult, but I am sure I can do hard work without any assistance. Please, do not think that I am too much self-confident; I just know my abilities, and what I want to get. My parents support me giving free way for own choice and development, slightly controlling the situation. Unfortunately, we do not have enough finances to allow everything, but if you want to have more and live the life you want, you have to go ahead and be very hard working.

I am dreaming about a new experience and friends in the college I am going to go. To make the dream come true I help my parents to save some money working during summer holidays. It is not a part-time job that most of my friends are looking for, I pointedly have found a normal job, that can help me to obtain and develop peculiar skills and understand what I have to learn and improve. At the same time, such new surrounding helps to act properly in different circumstances and situations. Well, my first job is a camp leader, which requires considerable responsibility and attentiveness as well as good communication skills.

Firstly, it may seem it is very easy and funny, but that is not true at all. Being a supervisor, so to speak, in summer camp I have a lot to do and solve different confusing and at the same time interesting situations without harm for children. I do not just look after them: I help them learn something new about life, explaining and providing interesting details, I give them lessons, for example, how to become a real friend and good mate for someone, how to resolve various disputes in an efficient and fairly manner.

I know that I lack a great number of skills and abilities, but I try to develop them and find with a new experience. It is clear that time will change my goals and give them more value, and the degree I will earn definitely influence my career path choice. I am sure also that when you want something badly, you will come to it after a while.


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