Autobiography Essay Sample #3

example of autobiography essay

My name is Lucas Jones and I was born in Goolwa, South Australia in 1989, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful small towns in my country. I should say, I am happy to live there and have many good friends. It may sound like I am going to take a leave and left my home forever, but I will usually be thinking about it. Yes, it is true. In several months I will go to college and live in another part of Australia, missing my home. You may ask me if I am ready for that, and I will answer that I like great changes and I feel this one is going to be crucial for me.

Let’s return to my family. I have a little brother for whom I have always been an example to follow. My parents are very busy with the family business we have, and they often asked me to look after Steven, and now I know what great responsibility for someone you love is. I am usually busy and do not have free time at all, not only because of home obligations, but also as the result of my great interest in the business we have. Farming that is what my parents showed me and cultivated love of it. I do not spend my weekends all days around with my friends, but still, I have some time for them as well, I am keen on helping my father with farming and start to feel that I want to do the same in the future.

It is a traditional thing when parents want to recommend you what college and occupation to choose as if they know better. Thank God, it is not about my parents. They have always been sure in my choice and supported my every step and decision. I know exactly, that agriculture and environment are my future career path. I have already certain experience and want to develop related skills and knowledge to be successful and provide more help and support for my parents.

You may ask me why I have chosen the college so far from my home, that was my decision and I made it purposefully to develop my confidence and feel more responsibility as well as independence. Such experience may greatly harden me and help to be more self-sustained.


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