Argumentative Research Paper Outline – The Main Techniques to Use in Writing

Argumentative Research Paper

Disclaimer:Do you know how to avoid difficulties writing an argumentative research paper? The best thing you can do is to find a reliable guideline which will help you get through this issue and get an excellent grade for this paper! The key mission of this review is to provide university and college students with the rich in details instruction allowing them to meet this challenge successfully!

We will also talk about effective argumentative research paper topics, the main steps to follow and share the main pitfalls of this assignment. Mayhap, this review will help students do this task faster and avoid all typical difficulties.

What is this?

This is a type of academic assignment where a student needs to choose an argument and support his opinion using different facts and valuable resources. This is a typical task at any higher educational establishment. Nevertheless, some teachers vary this assignment.

Sometimes, you may use the same rules that are applied when writing an argumentative essay. Nevertheless, if there are any questions seeking clarification, you should pose them to your instructor. In some instances, they have particular requirements for this task.

How to Get Started?

Before you embark on writing a college argumentative research paper, you need to make yourself familiar with the key features of this task. As a result, you will understand what particular result you need to achieve.

Your overarching goal is to select an argument and support it with the help of primary and secondary resources. This task has the following characteristic features:

  • A thesis statement (you should begin your writing with it).
  • Different claims through the use of which you can prove that your opinion is correct.
  • Citations.
  • Logical transitions between different paragraphs.
  • Conclusion.

All these elements are obligatory! If you don’t understand some aspects or you have no idea which citation style to use, you should talk to your teacher. General instructions are really useful but in some instances, it is much better to talk to a person who gives this task and will check it.

General Ideas to Use in a Paperp>No one but you can decide what argumentative research paper ideas to use. You just need to remember one rule – you will never cover all ideas that come to your mind in one paper. Even if you select a very intriguing theme which will definitely touch the minds of the core audience, you won’t cover absolutely all ideas related to this theme.

How to find these ideas? The below-listed techniques will help you do this:

  • Research the information and list ideas which come to your mind.
  • If you feel the inspiration, you should write nonstop. Don’t correct mistakes or mind the structure of the sentences. Just write! After that, you will realize what particular ideas are more important and highlight the most useful information.
  • Clustering. This is one more useful technique which helps students understand what direction to move in. Put the main subject in the center of the list and draw several lines from it. The main idea should be in the center of the list and all secondary ideas should come from it.

Using these tips, you will manage to gather the most effective research paper argumentative ideas.


Develop Your Thesis Statement

grade of your paper is contingent on the thesis statement you choose. Sometimes, students underestimate the importance of this part but they are mistaken. Just take a look at any sample argumentative research paper. Each of them has a strong and tentative thesis!

At a glance, this is a simple sentence but its key goal is to help you move forward. Its overarching goal is to inform the targeted audience about your position and the key focus of your research. Besides, it must be arguable as well.

Your thesis statement should be located in the first paragraph. The best thesis is not the one where you just enumerate several general facts. Your main purpose is to express your position on the given theme.


Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics: How to Choose Them?

much depends on the topic you select. Firstly, it should be interesting for you to explore. Secondly, it should be interesting for the core audience to read. The main point of this task is to select a debatable theme which will definitely make the reader start disputing with you.

Below, you can find several argumentative research paper topics for college students which are interesting to explore:

  • Is it possible to outlaw nuclear weapons?
  • Is it necessary to outlaw alcohol?
  • Is it necessary to sentence juveniles to life in prison?
  • What about the legalization of prostitution?
  • Does a woman have a right to abort a fetus?

As you see, all these themes are debatable and interesting to research. Thus, there are those who will support your argument and those who will immediately start arguing with you.


How to Structure a Paper?

ery deed, when a student predetermines the structure in advance, it will be easier for him to cover all ideas. Commonly, the general structure of this paper looks in the following way:

  • Introductory part (with a thesis statement).
  • Several body paragraphs where you will cover each idea.
  • Concluding part where you just need to summarize everything.

For you not to get into a muddle, we highly recommend creating an outline for argumentative research paper. Its key objective is to lead you through the whole paper. Firstly, you need to explore the theme, create your personal research notes and determine what particular aspects to include. A rough outline should be based on these notes. As a result, you will organize your ideas in a written form and will know where to start.

To speed up the process of writing, you should create a detailed outline. As a result, you won’t lose your train of thoughts while doing your paper. Statistically, those students who do a preliminary work achieve much better results. Furthermore, they do it faster!


Several Words about the Bottom Line

s a final part of your paper. Thus, its key mission is to summarize what has already been said. In other words, you should read once again your thesis statement and repeat it in the concluding part. It doesn’t mean you should copy it but the general meaning should be the same.

This part should repeat your general opinion regarding the theme of your research once again. Neither new ideas nor facts should be mentioned in the concluding part!

The Solu

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