100 Expository Essay Prompts for Outstanding Essays

expository essay prompts

The Best Expository Essay Prompts High School Students Are Sure to Enjoy

Looking for good expository essay prompts? Expository writing or exposition is a staple of academic writing and it is the type of writing that most of the people encounter in everyday life when reading non-fiction books, magazines, newspapers. Besides, you’ll have to write hundreds of expository essays, research papers, reports, speeches, and articles throughout your academic and professional career. So good knowledge of this form of writing will help you succeed in any career path. In this article, we are going to discuss how a good expository essay should be written, its structure and format, and provide you with a list of expository essay prompts to help you choose an interesting topic for writing brilliant expository essays.

What Is Expository Writing?

Let’s start with expository writing definition. It is a type of discourse that is used to explain, define, clarify, inform or describe. Common examples of expository writing include newspaper articles, reports, assembly instructions, and how-to manuals. Exposition is also the most frequent type of academic writing that can be written using different patterns:

  • Description
  • Sequence
  • Cause and effect
  • Comparison
  • Problem and solution

You can choose one pattern for each piece of expository writing and you can also combine these methods when writing on expository essay topic.

An expository essay is the most common assignment in the elementary and middle school and it is usually written in the form of the 5-paragraph essay which consists of one introductory paragraph, three main body paragraphs, and one conclusion paragraph. But in high school and in college, expository essays are longer so the 5-paragraph essay format is used for teaching purposes to introduce expository writing to students. No matter how long your expository essay is, make sure it has a strong thesis statement, your argument is based on facts, and your paragraphs are connected with transitions.

So here is the bottom line:

The expository essay should prove an argument and present facts about the certain topic. There is no place for bias or personal opinion in an expository paper.

When writing expository essays, you should assume that your audience has no previous knowledge about the topic. So you should provide basics and do not skip important details, even if they are common knowledge. You must provide plenty of facts, examples, explanations, and details, and do it in a logical manner.

Now you know what an exposition is and you are ready to write your awesome expository essay.

Persuasive Expository Essay Writing Prompts for Different Grade Levels

The problem is that you cannot write an outstanding essay without an outstanding topic. Have no idea where you can find it? You may pick one of the amazing essay topics which we gathered for you to help you get started.  Take a look at some popular and useful expository writing prompts. Lets’ start with 5-paragraph expository essay prompts for those middle school students who are only beginning to learn the art of expository writing.

Middle School Essay Topics

Looking for expository essay prompts for middle school? Here they are.

  1. Describe how you imagine your ideal vacation.
  2. What is your favorite book?
  3. If you could be an animal for a day, what would be your choice?
  4. Describe your first memory.
  5. Who is your favorite teacher?
  6. Are you a good loser?
  7. Describe the best day you spent with your family.
  8. Should we be afraid to fail?
  9. Describe your favorite holiday.
  10. Would you have any benefits if the internet crashed forever?
  11. Write about the importance of having a cell-phone for teenagers.
  12. Explain what makes you special.
  13. Provide details about a team sport you are interested in.
  14. Is it better to be very beautiful or very smart?
  15. Which of your classmates would be the best leader to help us survive the zombie apocalypse?
  16. What one book would you take to a deserted island? Explain why.
  17. I wish my friends…
  18. Would you like to know your future?
  19. What do you have in common with your five best friends?
  20. Write a letter to yourself 15 years from now.
  21. Is your ethnicity important to you?
  22. Tell about the most meaningful events for you for the last 5 years
  23. How can we choose the perfect pet?
  24. What if aliens really existed …
  25. What is your hobby?
  26. How could you explain the pollution to a visitor from another planet?
  27. What is your favorite game?
  28. What is the best way to pack for a camping trip?
  29. Why do teens wear makeup?
  30. How does music affect your life?
  31. Describe a typical day of your life.
  32. Explain how to paint a room.
  33. Describe your house.
  34. What are your chores at home?
  35. What if we lived without phones …
  36. Explain how to perform a magic trick.
  37. How to research your family tree?
  38. What is the vegetable that you really dislike?
  39. Describe the right way to brush one’s teeth.
  40. What is your favorite season?
  41. Describe your favorite movie to a person who has not seen it.
  42. Why is it important to get enough sleep?
  43. Compare and contrast boys and girls.
  44. Compare and contrast two famous actors.
  45. How to organize a family reunion?
  46. What would you do if you won a million?
  47. Why is Math important?
  48. What is your favorite food?

If you need more middle school expository essay prompts, you can easily find lots of lists on the internet.

High School Essay Topics

  1. Write about diversity and why it is important.
  2. What causes racism?
  3. Should cameras on drones be used in all public places to prevent crime?
  4. Do you have much control over your life?
  5. What is the best way to use $30 billion to save the world?
  6. What would you choose: to be loved or respected?
  7. Describe your ideal life 20 years from now?
  8. What is your most profound learning experience?
  9. Would you like to try something scary?
  10. What is the positive effect of the internet on communication?
  11. Would you like to have a genius IQ?
  12. How do you imagine a killer party?
  13. Is it possible to eat healthy on a limited budget?
  14. What makes a good marriage?
  15. Would you like to live forever?
  16. How to stop online bullying?
  17. The importance of learning a foreign language in a globalized world.
  18. Where would you volunteer to work in your community?
  19. What are the downsides of the internet?
  20. What qualities make a good leader?
  21. What are the benefits of homework assignments?
  22. What is the major environmental problem?
  23. Why do people choose particular foods that they eat?
  24. How does fame change the individual’s life?
  25. What are the most important public health issues?
  26. Explain how to become a good citizen.
  27. How to prepare for a job interview?
  28. Why do teenagers run away?
  29. How does the brain change as we age?
  30. Why are black holes important?
  31. Why are a lot of young people depressed?
  32. Explain your interest in a particular career.
  33. What makes teen commit suicide?
  34. How can students spend their free time productively?
  35. Why do some teens get jobs?
  36. How to choose a new outfit?
  37. What steps would you take to write a bestseller?
  38. How to write a resume?
  39. What are important steps to launch a new career?
  40. How does climate affect lifestyle?
  41. The ideal menu of a romantic dinner for two.
  42. Compare and contrast friendship and love.
  43. How to keep in shape in college?
  44. How to find a part-time job?
  45. The best way to learn a foreign language.
  46. What is the virtual reality?
  47. Is organic food really better?
  48. Why do people fall in love?
  49. Why do Americans have a large credit card debt?
  50. What is healthy living?
  51. How to choose a study abroad program?
  52. How to make new friends?

Now you’ve got 100 expository essay prompts. So what are you waiting for? Choose any of them and start writing your brilliant essay. But if you are not confident in your writing skills and are not sure that you can write a good essay on your own, you can order a custom essay on any topic on UKEssayNow.com. Place an order and provide specific details and our writer will craft a perfect model essay on your topic that will be well-written and absolutely unique.