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Writing an annotated bibliography is a useful preparation for a research project that can help you get a good idea of what is being said about your topic in literature and understand where your research can fit. Writing annotated bibliography is a rather challenging and time-consuming task that requires detailed research and referencing dozens of sources and perfect understanding which sources you should select and which ones should be ignored.

What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is the list of different sources (books, journal articles etc.) that are relevant to your research which includes a summary and evaluation of these sources. Annotated bibliographies are not written the same way, they may differ in content and in word count. Some of them may include mostly summary and informative annotations, while other should include a critique of sources, but most annotated bibliographies usually have a combination of elements. As you can never know what type you should write, you have to get specific guidelines from your professor.

Annotated bibliographies can be written in different formats but generally, students are assigned writing an annotated bibliography in APA or MLA format (it refers to bibliographic information about the sources) and the annotation itself is written in paragraph form which may vary in length significantly depending on the purpose.

You should know the basics to succeed in writing an annotated bibliography that works. Here are some essential steps to writing an annotated bibliography that you should follow.

  1. Cite your source using proper citation style: APA, MLA, Chicago or other required by your instructor.
  2. Summarize your source and explain the main ideas and tell what it is about (indicate background, scope of the text, argument, audience, research methods).
  3. Evaluate the source in a paragraph or two (reliability of the text, relevance to your research, strengths, and limitations).
  4. Put it all together and check that it is formatted properly.

You should be concise, write in full sentences, and use academic vocabulary. You may arrange the entries alphabetically or chronologically (it depends on what your instructor prefers).

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  • Evaluative where the writer has to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the source
  • Informative that present the summary of the source and include the thesis, the arguments, the results, and the conclusion
  • Combination which is the most common type which includes information about the source and the evaluation of the source

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